Surfside Online Membership FAQ

Our new online membership

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Everyone is welcome! No current Surfside membership required.

Aside from needing a bike for the spin classes, you may participate in the online sessions without equipment.

Surfside club membership was available when our facility was open and operating regularly. Members visited the club, attended classes, and/or used the exercise equipment for their exercise sessions.

Due to the COVID-19 measures enacted by the government, our facility has been closed since March 23, 2020. And with no indication of when the club will re-open from the relevant authorities, we have decided to offer online Surfside Membership.

Online Surfside membership will be provided through a professional platform that will allow us to deliver the high-quality fitness programming and wellness experience our members expect and enjoy.

Yes, until the physical club re-opens, online membership will replace club membership. And the membership rate is $125/month or $45/week.

Online membership is not an additional cost to current members. All club memberships dues were suspended effective March 23, 2020. Therefore, members that activate online membership will be charged for this service only.  

No, you do not have to pay to access online membership. Please click the ‘Activate Membership’ tab and while completing the registration form, select the membership status that corresponds with upfront payment. A notification regarding accessing the online platform will follow.

When our facility re-opens, regular membership rates will apply. Members may exercise at the club while continuing to access the online platform. Or members may choose to exercise at the club only.

Current Surfside members that wish to wait for the club to re-open to resume membership may do so. Their club memberships will remain suspended. No charges will be processed, and no action is required at this time.