Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise

Members may participate in group exercises classes as follows:

  1. Physical distanced classes at the club

Please visit www.Picktime/ to book your favourite classes.

When booking classes online, please be considerate of fellow members and only book classes that you are certain you will attend.

If you book a class and need to cancel the booking, please contact When drafting the email, please use the subject ‘Cancel Class Booking’, and include the name of the class, date, time, and your full name.

  1. Classes on the online group exercise platform

This option allows members to participate in classes, at home.  Classes may be attended Live or On-Demand. Therefore, if you miss a live class, you may access it whenever you want (up to one week), on demand.

To access live classes:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select the Webinar (Class) you wish to attend. Click Checkout.

The classes will have prices. These prices do not apply to members. Please disregard the prices and proceed to Step 3.


Step 3: When asked for payment, enter promo code: Surfsideopen and click Apply.

This code expires on Sundays and is valid for your personal use only. Sharing this code may result in automatic cancellation of your access to the online platform.

Every Sunday, members will receive a new promo code to access the webinars (classes). Please check your inbox and spam/junk folders.


Step 4: Enter First Name/Last Name/Email and click Register.


Step 5: An email link will be sent automatically. Click the link to join the Webinar (class).

To access on-demand classes:

Step 1: Same as above

Step 2: Select Live Experience. Select the class you wish to complete.

Step 3: Same as above

Step 4: Same as above

Step 5: Same as above

  1. In-Club on-demand classes

Members may use their booked time at the club to complete a class at their convenience, in the main studio.

Our team will access the online platform, select the class from the on-demand section, and project it onto a large screen for the member in the main studio.

This option may be used for any class and is especially great for equipment-based classes such as spin.

To book your time at the club, please visit

  1. Options 1, 2 and 3

All the options listed above are available for you to access classes based on your preference. In other words, you may access classes using any option listed above or through a combination of all options, it’s up to you!