Barbados Alumnus Designs for Florida’s Panhandle


We were pleasantly surprised this
summer by a visit from Doug Luke
[B.Arch. ‘90] who was on his way to
review several projects his firm currently has in the Florida panhandle. Doug is an architect and director at Gillespie & Steel
Associates Ltd. in Barbados (West
Indies), and the firm is part of the team working on Rosemary Beach, a new urban town about seven miles east of Seaside and approximately twice its size Doug’s firm has developed the Barbados Alumnus Designs for Florida’s Panhandle swimming pool and its attendant buildings, aptly named the “Barbados Pool.” They are also responsible for a live/work building called “The Savannah,” a four-story residential/ commercial building that covers an entire block. The firm has also designed several residences—cottage-type beach houses—at Rosemary Beach. Appropriately, the theme for the town is Anglo/Carribean architecture influenced by Barbados, St. Augustine, New Orleans, and Charleston